Established in 1982 as a Trading Company for the distribution of small metal items. In 1988 we started our own production line for fixing kits, until that time the firm didn't have any industrial specialization. We became the first company specialised in manufacturing completed and packaged fixing kits for taps and sanitary fittings.

In February 1996 new premises of 1.600 square metres were opened in Gattico in an area of 3.500 square metres. This allowed us to set up new production lines and to develop the existing ones, by using the most advanced available technologies in this industry.
Our customers have the possibility to reduce the number of suppliers considerably, because we are able to provide a large range of materials to the firms, in order to allow a greater agility of supply management.
Complete and already packed fixing kits are produced, ready to be delivered on time, after having passed electronic and visual controls which guarantee their integrity. The already quite high quality standard of our products has been further improved.
Every single kit is quality controlled, supplies are guaranteed and "urgent" enquiries can be processed and completed in one day.
Our success in this industry has led to growth, reputation and appreciation of our trade mark in Italy as well as all over the world; qualifications we can offer to companies who are looking for quality and collaboration.