We specialize in the manufacturing of fixing kits for faucets, small metal components and rubber or plastic items.
The conception and production of parts according to customer requirements, is one of our strengths.

Packing and packaging

All phases of packaging are strictly followed with electronic and visual control to ensure the quality of our product.


We are able to provide samples of each standard item that is present in the warehouse.
In the case of requests for a particular customer’s design, we will provide samples for approval.


Before we deliver the goods we always check the quantity and quality of materials. Documentation, packaging, and carrier are catered to upon customers request


For every scheduled order we guarantee a minimum inventory stock to meet any unexpected ship dates.


Each individual process - including acceptance of materials, production and delivery schedules, and quality control of products - is ensured by a constantly updated certification system.

Technical support

Based on the requirements of each customer, we are able to design and recommend the most suitable fastening system.